AUMR Series – Aluminum Torque Wrench with Ratchet Head

  • Accuracy: ±4% from 20% to 100% of capacity.
  • Integrated aluminum alloy overall design, light and strong.
  • Unique ratchet structure design. With this ratchet head you can continuously swing the handle to tighten the bolt, instead of putting it on as often as a conventional head.
  • Both sides with square drive, for both direction application, easy to handle.
  • Special window for main scale, and Minor scale near the end of the handle, better resolution.
  • With Metric or Imperial (depending on specific model), easy to read.
  • Unique locking end design, fix torque reliably. Effectively avoid the possibility of adjustment to torque values caused by unintentional or deliberate operation.
  • Knurled handle for secure and comfortable grip.