STM – Larger View Window Scale Torque Wrench (Click) STMX/STMH

  • Unique window scale with fine increments.
  • Accuracy is ±4% of the reading value.
  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle.
  • Push/Pull end cap to secure the set torque value from accidental change.
  • This wrench is longer than normal torque wrench, more efficiently while long time using.
  • Alloy tube, Chrome plated, high strength, more durable.
  • Various kinds of heads designed for different applications:
  • STMX model: Push-through Ratchet Head for Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise operation.
  • STMH model: head holder, for 9x12mm, 14x18mm, 24x32mm Rectangular Shank Head.